Does anybody have any advice to help me in my mission to the USA?! HELP!!


Hi....I realise i am a little behind in responding/contributing to this thread but wondered if anyone could offer me any advice. I am a UK trained RN and RM (dual qualified) with a clinical background of 5 years in acute cardiology (18 months of which i worked as clinical nurse specialist-i think equivalent in the US would be advanced nurse practitioner) More recently i completed my midwifery degree attaining a 1st class honours degree and currently am working as a midwife practitioner in my home town in the UK. I am desperatly wanting to experience work in the United States....having researched the visa and licensure process it looks almost impossible. Does anybody have any advice to help me in my mission to the USA?! HELP!!

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Starting point would be meeting state RN licensure and passing NCLEX then you need to find a employer willing to wait the many years (over 6 at the moment) for you once they have filed for immigrant visa. If you want work visa then H1b is minimum of BSN and specialised in area and that the employer is willing to pay the many US$$$$ as they have to pay not you. They can not apply until April and you can not start until Oct if successful with interview in London once you have been approved