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Hello Everyone, I am a new grad RN and recently applied to a home health agency in my area. the called back right away saying they actually needed RNs really bad. She sounded very interested and told me to pass by tomorrow to apply personally. The thing is when she was about to hang up she said "remember to bring your in services"... she said she needed in services for Alhaimer, IV, domestic violence and Medical Errors. I am confused about this because I did all of this as part of my RN program but I dont have separate certificates for that. I was thinking maybe they require these documents for CNAs or LPNs but my RN program doesnt provide us with this separate documentations. Again, I did received clases in separate days just dedicated to this topics but I dont have the "In services" like she called it.

I am going to an interview with her tomorrow and would like to receive some information regarding this before I get there. Thank you very much in advance for any help.

This should pose no problem. Remind her that you are newly licensed. You will not be required to have any mandatory inservices until your first renewal, or, as in most states, your second renewal. The agency can provide these inservices to you once you are hired. If she insists, then contact one of the online providers of inservices and get them done. Ask if the agency will pay for them. I wouldn't let this little detail detain me from applying to the job. Just discuss it with her at the interview. Good luck.

Specializes in Home Health- LTAC- Telemetry-.

thank you very much, at leat you give me some points of discussion ;-)

If you have some time go back in the home health forum and see if you can find some posts about questions for you to ask at the interview. There are lots of posts that will help you out, it is just a matter of having the time to find them. Good luck on your interview.

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