Things I Wish I Knew Before Choosing DNP Program

  1. When I entered the BSN-DNP program I wish I would have asked for the DNP Project Guidelines from the school. Perhaps I should have asked for this prior to applying. Because while all DNP programs are accredited and must comply with the accrediting body requirements, they can vary in the type of projects they allow students to complete for their DNP Capstone. So, for instance, a few of my friend who attends the local school are allowed to do a retrospective study or education only study for their project, while my school, University of South Alabama will not. Finding out as you enter the DNP program especially when the program is an integrated program can result in a waste of time and money because you have already completed a handful of courses towards your DNP. Also, it's important to find out how the DNP part of the program is structured. At one of the local schools, you don't progress until your project has been approved which is nice because your not restricted to a semester timeline which can create a vicious cycle of repeating courses. It seems to have caused many students in the BSN-DNP track to drop the DNP part after receiving their MSN. I just find it odd that prestigious schools are approving projects that my school is rejecting. I am interested in hearing what others have experienced with DNP programs.
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  3. by   bfreezy
    Not currently in a DNP program, but I find this post useful...something to look out for when applying to DNP programs
  4. by   Cassandra-FNP
    Hey I just applied to University of South Alabama. Do you have any helpful information for me? I applied for post masters DNP. How is the program, and how is the acceptance rate?