Looking for a statistics workshop/short course for nurses

  1. In looking into both the DNP and Ph.D., I am concerned that it has been a long time since I have taken statistics. I realize most programs will require me to take an official graduate level stats course prior to the start of classes, but I am wondering if there is a workshop or "boot camp" for stats for health care professionals that I could take prior to this. Looking for a conference lasting 2-3 days or an online course. I am hopeful that I can still take something prior to January to utilize education reimbursement through my place of employment.
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  3. by   pro-student
    Idk of anything like you mentioned but you can google statistics MOOCs. There lots of options of free online courses at various levels and on different platforms. Another option would be a basic stats class at a local (or online) university or community college. It would probably take a bit longer but would have the advantage of showing up on your transcript and thereby demonstrating your efforts to prepare yourself for doctoral study.

    Statistical training in graduate nursing programs is highly variable with most programs not including any specific stats class. With a growing number of programs designed for students to move straight for BSN to either DNP or PhD, there's less stringent requirements for prior stats training.
  4. by   SummerGarden
    OP: If you choose to take a statistics course at the university level, it may be best to take a class geared toward nursing so you can receive credit. For example, when I was seeking to apply to either a PhD or DNP program this Fall, I performed some research and found many nursing schools will allow non-students/future applicants to take the graduate level NUR statistics class outside of their program because those schools wanted applicants that have not taken statistics in a while to be prepared. The best part is the statistics class within the nursing graduate program is directly applicable to nursing research. The schools of which I speak are state universities. Good Luck!