DNP pay

  1. So I'm just wondering what the pay increase is like for DNP vs MSN and if its not much now if we have any ideas of how much more it could be in the future? I know some jobs will pay more for the DNP Dual cert or if you speak more than one language.
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  3. by   shibaowner
    DNPs may or may not make more than MSNs - it depends on the employer and the candidate. For example, the federal government will pay a DNP more.

    If you take a new grad DNP with little experience vs an MSN with a lot of experience, the MSN will make more $.

    I read an estimate that on average a DNP makes about $8,000 more per year.
  4. by   wayemika
    Good to know
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Very dependent on the area and specialty I think. In the world of academia, DNP will pay more, in clinical practice not so much. That is my take on it.
  6. by   juan de la cruz
    I have to agree that in most cases, there won't be a difference in pay especially since there is no difference in the role, responsibilities, and scope of practice for an NP with a Master's vs one with a DNP. This is quite similar to the ADN vs BSN pay in most hospitals for RN's in the same job description. DNP's who have administrative duties will maybe earn more but again, not higher than someone in the same position with a Master's. Some exceptions would be NP's in the VA system where points are gained with additional education and certification that can affect pay. In our setting, an NP with a DNP will start at the same rate as one with a Master's with the same amount of nursing experience.