DNP and work

  1. Hi I'm about to start my first np job as well as start an online dnp program. Am I stretching myself too thin? On one hand I feel pressured to get my dnp asap as some schools have already eliminated their masters np program, making dnp as the entry level degree. I also want to be on par with the emerging dnp graduates. On the other hand, I feel like I should just work only for my first year in the job as there is a steep learning curve...

    how was it like for you working as an np and doing the dnp program?

    I worked as an RN throughout my np studies, but being an np entails more responsibility and accountability....
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  3. by   DizzyJon
    I would say it depends on how well you feel prepared to dive into your first job. If you are calm and confident with support of other providers, then you could be possible. Most new grads though feel terrified and unprepared. So, I would give it a few months or even a year before tackling your DNP. Make sure you feel comfortable with your job first and developing your clinical skills. Don't feel pressured to get your DNP unless you want to get it.
  4. by   llg
    I agree with DizzyJon. For most people, starting a new job is hard enough. It's even harder if the job involves an entirely new role or type of work. Starting a new academic program is also stressful. Both might be positive, but they still require extra energy to cope with the "newness" of it.

    Why double-stress yourself? Get settled in your new role and job ... then go back to school. You might survive starting them both at the same time, but very few people can thrive under those circumstances. Give yourself a better chance to do your best by spacing the 2 major transitions out a bit.