Do you use youtube for clinical demonstrations?


I was wondering if any of the nursing students view youtube for various clinical demonstrations to help them be better prepared for the hands on part in nursing school?

I used it for A&P I & II--I used to watch pig dissections on youtube so I can get a clearer and better look of the heart, lungs, stomach, etc. The drawings in the book did not do much for me, and we only dissected the pig once and were tested on it like 3 weeks later--easy to forget.


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I love using youtube for demonstrations and I'm not even in nursing school yet lol. I start on Jan 10th and I've been trying to prep myself by looking at skills videos like bedmaking, wound care, and ng tube insertions. I think its a great resource/reference for those who want to use it


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Our instructors have encouraged us to look for demonstrations on YouTube. I haven't so far, though.

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Yes, I have. Just last night, I got out my first semester lab kit and "hung" an IV and IVPB, with my very tall son standing in for an IV pole. :D I haven't done it for six months, and I needed a refresher.

While I'm looking for jobs, I'm pretty sure that is the only thing I'll be turning to YouTube for.