Do u feel the HESI is overrated?


those of you that have taken the exam think the exam is overrated? I feel I panicked for nothing LoL just curious


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I haven't taken the exit exam yet, but from what I can see in the specialty exams, it might be overrated. Its good to get practice answering random questions, though, I guess? Following.


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Not overrated. They are hard for a reason-they prepare you for NCLEX. It's hard because there isn't lecture notes or reading to prepare you for it. You have to learn how to use critical thinking combined with prioritization to answer. If you truly accept these things and practice questions you will do well.


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I certainly don't think it's overrated. They're difficult to a degree and are designed to get you ready for the NCLEX. You can review your HESI Study Guide, study lecture notes, take practice questions all you want however; when it comes down to actually using your critical thinking skills and strategies then it could end up you failing. I'm just saying my opinion because the specialty HESI exams I took through my LVN program and the Exit HESI were all very tricky. Again, you can study all the content you want but there were questions on the Exit HESI I've never even prepared for.

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I believed it was overrated. I had to take two exams the Hesi and the Kaplan exit exam. One was knowledge base - the other strategy. I believed the Kaplan helped me pass the Nclex 1st try, 75 questions in 1 hour. Hesi did not. It gave me a headache and was honestly a waste of time. But that's just my opinion.