Do you think 7 months is enough to prepare for the NLN or Net exam?

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I took it once and had a good score on the math and and okay score on science.The verbal through me off.Im taking it again after 3 years!


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Wow, 7 months?! I hope you're kidding. I took the NET in February and as I've mentioned in a few other posts on here, I literally spend about 3 hours studying all done the night before the exam. All I did to prepare was buy the practice NET online at the company's website. I completed that and took the test the next morning and got in the 98th percentile! I can't imagine spending 7 months studying for the NET. Really.

I recommend buying that practice test I mentioned earlier. It was almost identical to the NET and was all the studying I needed!

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Yes, 7 months is plenty of time. You should be able to really rock it! :D

I've not studied vocab myself, but I've heard that SAT prep flashcards and things like that can help.

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