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Do my stats seem good enough?


I want to apply to CRNA school to start in 2018 and was wondering if my stats seem good enough from anyone that went through the process of it all.

I currently work in a 21 bed ICU at a level 1 trauma center. We take medical, surgical, and all of the cardiothoracic pts come to us post op making atleast half of our unit a CVICU also.

I plan on getting my CCRN in July when I have hit a year and have the hour requirement filled. This will give me close to 2 years experience by time I would matriculate.

My stats: overall gpa 3.39

Nursing school gpa 3.85

Science gpa 3.5

Last 60 hours gpa 3.86

Taking the GRE by March and lets say I score decent in the 300-305 range

I also plan on joining committees during this time period shortly after the new year starts and have attended and presented a poster at a few local nursing expos winning an award as a student. I also as a student was accepted and presented a poster at a national nursing conference. In addition to these I would like to add more resume builders to round out my resume.

Considering all I have laid out what is your opinion and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time.

Your experience seems like will put you towards on the lower side eligible applicants. Your poster presentation is great for the resume. Can you join your local nursing organization?

Get your ccrn and maybe a subspecialty if you can swing it $$ wise.

Start studying concepts of the GRE.

Good luck my friend! You may not get in 100% of schools but you have a great chance of enrolling.

Thanks for the reply....I have Acls too forgot to mention it because I figured it's a requirement for all in the icu setting and I will have PALS too in 2 weeks. Yes I plan on joining AACN and my local chapter as well.