Do you have a side job? What is it?


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We are moving in May, but after we get settled, I am thinking about getting a side job. Right now I am working in L&D, and when we move I am hoping to stay in L&D(otherwise I'll be in Mother/Baby). I was kind of thinking some sort of home program for pregnant women. Here in Louisiana(and maybe other places?) There are programs for at risk pregnant women to receive pre/post natal visits from a nurse.

Just curious and looking for different ideas!

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What you're describing sounds similar to the Nurse Family Partnership, but they generally require fulltime M-F days commitment.

I used to have a PRN job as a "baby nurse" for wealthy families postpartum who wanted to be able to get some sleep. Pay was not great ($20/hour) but it was easy - I was expected to sleep in the "baby's suite" and then tend to the baby when the baby woke (usually that meant bringing baby into mom to breastfeed, then take baby back to his room afterwards). I only did it a couple times because my other job interfered with it, then I was hired on for a M-F job and it just didn't make sense anymore.


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Thanks Klone. Here in Louisiana, we call the program the Nurse Family Partnership as well, but ours will allow some prn. I've also thought about doing some simple in home child care, but not sure I'm cut out to deal with others kids lol.