Do nurses hate State Nurse Investigators?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I have an interview coming up for a Nurse Investigator position with my State Board of Nursing. I thought it sounded kind of interesting and I have had zero luck applying for other non-bedside positions. However, my dad seems to think that this would be a bad career move. He thinks it would make other nurses hate me and prevent me from easily finding another job if I were to leave. What do you think??

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Dear Zero Luck,

I think it sounds very interesting! For someone with critical thinking skills who loves to problem solve (using the nursing process) it could be a great fit.

It's a meaningful role that serves and protects the public. It's a different way of being a patient advocate by upholding standards and being a fact-finder.

Being a Nurse Investigator puts you on the regulatory side and your Dad is concerned you might face a certain stigma if you change career paths down the road. He's looking out for you but while it's possible, I don't think that will happen.

It's not the same as being a whistleblower or union organizer or even crossing a picket line-all of which are polarizing.

Best wishes in your decision, and I hope you don't miss a potentially great opportunity.

Nurse Beth