Do you need an RN lisence to be a LNHA


Hello, I am interested in becoming a LNHA someday years down the road and I am currently a respiratory therapist in the Rochester, NY area.

Ive been moving up the management ladder the past couple years and now the clinical manager of my department at my hospital. I have a masters in Biology and am finishing up my MHA.

My general question is, i've been wondering if you need to have an RN lisence to be a LNHA? Ive heard of some non-nurses holding those positions.


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Not sure what LNHA is...


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Are you talking about being a nursing home administrator? It probably depends on your state. In Ohio you do not need to be an RN to be the administrator but there are education requirements. You might want to contact your state to find out.

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LNHA = Licensed Nursing Home Administrator

I live in Texas, where one does not need to be a nurse in order to become an administrator. In fact, the vast majority of LNHAs around here have business backgrounds and know virtually nothing about nursing.

However, you do need a baccalaureate degree (BA or BS) in this state to be admitted into the LNHA training program at the local colleges around here. The degree can be in business, math, public health, or anything your heart desires.