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Dear all,

I've passed the NCLEX in Jan. But now feel so frustrated on understanding the visa application process. An lawyer even told me that most nurses can't get H1B in the application....

What I understand is

1. I have to get an employer to act as my petitioner and sponsor at least my paper works.

2. I am not sure whether nurses have to get the Labor Condition Application (LCA) before we can apply for the H1B.

3. I don't know the processing time for LCA

4. I have to get a lawyer to file a H1B visa which may take 60-120 days for approval. US$1000 will be needed for the premium process system in the process.

5. I don't know whether I can apply for the immigrant visa (permanent residence) before or after I get the H1B visa. In fact, I don't know when should I apply for the permanent residence and how long would it take. Somebody said that will take for more than 2 1/2 years in MI. So, can I change the employer during this period?

6. I have to get file of some status like I-140, I-458, EB3 and don't know how I can do that.

7. I don't know what other things I have to know

As mentioned above, I only know little about the process and feel so confuse and frustrated. I need a lawyer but don't want to be cheated. I have already quit my job for more than I year. I can't stand to wait any more. Could anybody help me to get a better understanding on it? Please help!!!!!!

suzanne4, RN

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MI also requires CGFNS, so you will be required to take this also. No, it is not true that you have to wait 2 1/2 years for a green card. Get an attorney that specializes in working with nurses first of all. I personally would not go for the H1-b visa, only hospitals and nursing homes that are having problems recruiting any American nurses are using that as the paper work on their end is too great.

Complete your English exams and Visa Screen.................that is the only waty to go in my opinion. You can send me a PM if you wish. I was a MI nurse before I moved to Thailand.


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I've already get the CGFNS CP cert.

Not go for H1-b visa? Use H1-c instead? or other ways? But how about if it's choosed by the hospital?

So, I have to start visa screen immediately signing contract with my employer or even earlier?

May I ask, you are an international nurse in MI before?

... I am new in this forum.... How to send a PM (personal message?) to you?

suzanne4, RN

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Have you completed your English requirements or are you exempt?

What type of visa are you currently on?

I was born in Michigan and went to nursing school there. My first nursing license was in Michigan.

Right now the easiest way to send a PM is to go to the member list and click on my name then you can send one.

Let me know what hospital that you are considering working at, etc. H1-b and H1-C are not really good options at this time.

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