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I s,m currently a Licensed Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist, I want to obtain my RN what is the fastest way to go about this.....

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The short answer to your topic headline question is "No".

They are two different licenses; one is not the means to the other, although many people do obtain one license, then work in that capacity while pursuing the education required to get to the second license.

The "fastest" way depends on your level of education now, and what the wait lists are like at the nursing schools in your area. You'll be required to have completed specified pre-requisite courses for any RN program; contact the colleges whose programs interest you and find out what they are. Or, you can oftentimes go online to the college's websites, and find the information there.

Sometimes it CAN be faster to get to nursing through an LPN school and license first, IF the RN schools have a huge waitlist backlog. Otherwise, it can be a waste of time if your goal is to get to the NCLEX-RN on the fast-track.

See what your local schools require: make the phone calls, or go to the websites.

I s,m currently a Licensed Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist, I want to obtain my RN what is the fastest way to go about this.....

I think it depends on your school. Have you checked out your local community colleges? In my area it's a 1+1 program. So you do the LPN your first year and RN the second year. But I know that a lot of places aren't like this so you might just want to check with an advisor at the school you're looking at.

Definitely check with your local programs. I am in an RN program right now and the LPN bridge program takes about three years and they only accepted 4 people! It is definitely not worth it where I live, but like somebody else said, your area may have 1+1 programs.

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No you do not, however, sitting for your boards is very stressful and I always recommend that students do sit for the LVN boards so you can get used to the questions, the environment and the computer that you will be tested on. It is also nice to be familiar with the testing site that you will be using for your NCLEX exam.

It would depend on the program at your local schools. At mine we have a basic track program where you can receive your RN license without having any other license first. That is the program that I just applied to and if accepted it will take me about 2 years.

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