Do I still have a chance?



I'm a sophomore at UC Davis. I have been taking nursing prerequisites for the past couple of years. However, I really struggled with chemistry and I earned a B- both quarters. I'm interested in an accelerated program.

Here are my prereq grades so far:

Chemistry 2A: B-

Chemistry 2B: B-

Biology 2A: A

Statistics: B+

Writing/Composition: A-

Cultural Anthropology: A

Human Development C: A-

I'm currently taking OChem and Biology 2B. Hoping for A's in both.

Should I keep trying for nursing? Or am I just getting my hopes up?

Do you think that schools will count my B- as higher because it was from a UC?

Thank you!

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No they won't consider the B- as higher just because it's from a UC. Your overall GPA would be a bigger determinant I think than the school, being from a UC I would think might just be a tiebreaker between similar applicants. You've still got plenty of time to get better grades. Make sure to especially do well in A&P and micro. It really depends on what schools you're applying to, but generally speaking, these 3 especially seem to weigh heavily the most often.


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Check how the schools that you are applying to calculate GPA. Some schools do not factor in "plusses" and "minuses". A B- might be a 3.0 in some schools. That would be good to know, just make a phone call to records and registration!

And a B in Chem is about the norm where I come from, so don't fret too much about it, just try your best to get A's in the rest because you probably need a 3.5 or better to be competitive. Good luck!


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You say you're interested in an accelerated program but are currently a sophomore. I was under the impression accelerated programs are for students with a previous bachelors. Are you planning in applying when you're a senior or is this a different type of accelerated program?

But, each program is different, and where the B- may not matter somewhere, it might somewhere else. The easiest way to find out is to contact the the programs you're interested in and talk to them. They should be able to provide you with the GPAs of the students that they admitted.

Good luck with your application. Your grades are looking good, and you want to keep it up! :)


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Okay thank you for the responses! Yes, I am planning on graduating with a B.S. degree in Human Development and then applying to nursing schools. I decided too late on nursing and I was already at UC Davis.


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No, unfortunately you won't be at an advantage because you went to a UC but I wouldn't worry too much about a B-. Of course you should still pursue nursing!!

Good luck in Ochem. I have never hated a class so much as ochem! My word of advice would be to take an easier load the semester you take that class because it's no walk in the park.


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Never give up! Keep working hard and find a program that is right for you. Last time I checked a B- is still passing! It may not put you on the top of the list but you probably wont be counted out. GOOD LUCK !!!


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Thank you :) I am going to keep working towards it, and I'll see what happens.


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Hey there I'm a UCD alumni! I got accepted into an accelerated BSN program and my grades weren't nearly as great as yours! Keep up the good work and I think you'll have a great chance of getting in!