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To get into nursing school I don't need to know geometry in my program but will I need itmto become a Crna.

I need help to, I'm freaking out so much and I want to cry! I need a minimum Gpa of 3.2 to be considered to get into nursing school!! The ones accepted have a 3.8-4.0 GPA!! How the hec do iget that in college??? Will I have to get an A in every class?? Omg I am scared to death... I can manage to get B's and A-'s but wouldn't that be a low Gpa!!!

Omg I'm scared help

You have to go to school, take the classes, work, and get the grades before you even apply to nursing school. Kindly stop freaking yourself out over any of this. There is nothing anyone here can really do for you but to tell you that you need to do the work. If you work yourself into a tizzy tazzy, nobody will let you into nursing school because of your behavior. Now relax and do what is in front of you today. Tomorrow will take care of itself while you work on today.

Yea well I can't stop worrying because I need to get straight A's in college for 2-3 years plus score 95-100% on the teas to even be admitted. If i get below a 95% I have tom wait 3 years pmg

With all compassion, I would like to help you understand that you will probably destroy your quality of life (and shorten it) if you go on this way. With that said, I know that you can overcome this anxiety you have. You should consider your age (you may have a lot of years ahead of you to do what you want to do). You should consider your options (you might be able to relocate to a school that is not quite so competitive, or retake the classes you got B's in). You will definitely absorb material more efficiently if you aren't as concerned about your grades (and will then, ironically earn higher grades). I can't count the number of times I've seen people piling huge quantities of work on themselves because they think their lives are rapidly ending and they have to hurry up and graduate. Nursing science prereqs are very difficult, yet important to understand thoroughly. If you have to take them more than once, you've done yourself a favor. I often wish I had spent more time taking science prereqs (like Patho I and II). I am graduating in December, and if I could do it over again, I would add the time onto my schedule to take those sciences before starting my nursing program.

I saw on another post that you didn't meet the teas requirement. Is there another school to which you can apply so that you don't have to wait 3 years?

Take your time and enjoy life.



Sorry, I just noticed that you were viewing a thread about failing the TEAS, and you, yourself did not fail it.

Try to imagine how you've felt in the past after you've accomplished something you were worried about. Once you accomplish it, you sometimes wonder what the rush was, and why you were so worried. If you can project yourself into that future, you might be okay.



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