Do I have hope?


Hi, first time nursing applicant here.

I am 21 years old and originally started off as a BA student and did a 4 course load for two semesters. I did terribly my first year and ranged in the "C-" to "P" grade range. After that, I smartened up and in summer before my 2nd semester began, I did my high school Math, Bio, Chem prerequisites with none of them below 92%. In my second year at university, I completed 2 Physio/Anatomy courses, 4 Health Foundation/Science courses and 4 elective courses with my grades ranging between 90% to 94%. I was on the Dean's List for my last two semesters.

I also did a 4 month stint volunteering at a hospital in my city.

My question is, will my first academic year at university hinder me from getting into RN programs? I am going to be applying to BScN programs in BC and Ontario only.


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I was in the same boat. 22 years ago I had a 1.25 gpa. I started working on my prerequisites again 2 years ago and brought my gpa up to a 3.52. The university I applied to only considered my prerequisite gpa, which was a 3.72. I found out on April 13th that I was accepted into the program for the fall of 2016. Bad starts don't necessarily hinder you, it's just a very competitive program and it could go either way. You might think about re-taking some of the earlier classes, or apply and see what happens. If you don't get in the first time, re-take a few classes to boost your gpa and then reapply. Good Luck!

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Usually as part of your application you are permitted to submit a letter of explanation for any bad semester/year you might have had. Not everyone has had a perfect educational path and I think it matters more what you did SINCE those bad grades. But yes, I would say there is hope! You can always contact the nursing schools you are interested in and speak with them about your particular situation. It might make you feel better to hear it directly from them. But know they accept a lot of people with very different educational backgrounds.


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Many programs ONLY consider the the gpa of the actual prerequisites so no, you're not doomed. Just apply to those programs.

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Little story about me: I only had ONE grade out of the 50/60s during my final year in highschool, I just wasn't interested. Began an office administration program through Conestoga college, and "dropped out" aka stopped going but never withdrew so I failed everything. The next year I took pharmacy technician at Mohawk College, same story. Then I went back to Conestoga College for General Business, and, you guessed it, failed out because I never went and just stopped doing the assignments. Took some time off to get my priorities straight, and now I am an RPN and have only two semesters left of my BScN.

Don't give up. They should only look at your prerequisites, but if they don't and they give you an opportunity to explain your marks, do it and just be honest and upfront. Many of us have been in similar situations, one bad run shouldn't count you out of the game.