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Okay, I finally got a job in Neuroscience!!!! To be honest I really don't like Neuro like that...I am just waiting for my year to be over with...I really have a passion for Mother/ you guys think that I can easily transition from Neuro to Mother/Baby? And do you think that I should stay in Neuro for more than a year to build my experience up? (I really don't want

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What do you mean you got a job in neuroscience? Research? Or do you mean neuro ICU?

I don't think you should stay in neuro for longer than a year if you plan to transition to M/B. The experience is not at all related and won't help much in M/B world. The experience as a nurse is helpful, but the experience in that given specialty won't give you any type of edge.

Perhaps look into taking PALS, ACLS, NRP and the like while you wait out your year in neuro.

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Basic nursing is basic nursing whether neuro or mother/baby or whatever. I have worked both. Having said that, your patient population will be vastly different, as will your assessments.

Of course, there is always room to transition from one area of nursing to another, and you'll find that there are some things that are the same, and some that are in a whole different world.

There aren't a lot of strokes or neuro checks in mother/baby, and I'm guessing there's still not a lot of fundal checks and postpartum hemorrhages in neuro. :) But it is possible to go from one to the other. Just be prepared for a steep learning curve.

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