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Do I have a chance of getting in to UMDNJ ABSN program for fall 2012?

I just graduated with my B.S. in May 2011, and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 I am taking the pre-reqs right now (Anatomy & Phys 1 and 2 with labs, Microb with lab, and Gen Chem w lab).. This semester I am only taking two of them and I am most likely getting C's. (terrible..) Next semester I am taking the other two and I hope to get A's..so I guess I will have a 3.0 for the science pre-reqs if all goes according to plan. I will have three letters of rec and all the other requirements..

my concern is the C's in the science classes..

and also..my spring semester doesn't end until mid may so I wont have the complete application package in until then, the deadline is june 1.

I want to try for the fall 2012.. but since I wont have the application in until so late do i even have a shot??

and how bad are the C's for science pre-reqs..

im so nervous but this is ALL i want.

Most schools will weigh the science classes very heavily. What makes you think you'll get 2 A's when you are getting 2 C's now? Taking 2 labs together can be difficult. What does the school say their average pre-req GPA is? The schools I've looked at say minimum pre-req GPA must be 3.0 with average around 3.6.

Because I messed up and I am working 35 hours a week, and haven't been putting my all into it. I will get two A's next semester cz i'm cutting down on work.. and i graduated with an A- average and haven't gotten anything lower than a B, not even a B- my entire college career. Things just are rough this semester and im straightening it out for next.

The school says min cum gpa 3.0

min science pre-req gpa 2.75


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