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Do you have to get certified to become case manager?


I have experience in NICU and Psych. I'm beginning to think I like dealing with paperwork rather than the stress of hands on nursing. Interested in finding ways to still be a nurse, but not necessarily bedside nursing. Do they hire nurses for case management without certification as CM? I have bachelors in psych and experience in military also. I'd love to work with veterans if I could find that type of position.



Davey Do

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In the Mental Health Facilities in Illiinois, a Registered Nurse is ranked pretty much on the same level as a Master's level Social Worker. For example, a bachelor's level Social Worker or an LPN is classified as a MHP- Mental Health Professional. Whereas an RN or a Master's level SW is classified as a QMHP- Qualified Mental Health Professional.

So, in our state, you would be more than qualified to be a Case Manager. Fact is, RN's and LPN's duties in Mental Health Facilities include case management. However, there are always the responsibilities specific to being a nurse- admissions, assessments, med administration, patient teaching, etc.

One of the many reasons some Nurses choose to work in the Mental health area is because of decreased stress than in the area of Medical. However, one has to deal with the symptoms of Mental Illness, which can be stressful in and of itself. The approaches aren't always as systematic as Medical, either.



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You can be hired as a case manager without being certified. I was hired without my certification, but I did obtain my certification once I was eligible. You will need to work at least 2 years consecutively as an RN in case management to be eligible to sit for the exam.