Do you extend your care to employees' family.


Hi OHNs just wanna ask something do you extend your care to the families of your employees like consultation and other health benefits of your companies? :)Love to hear from you guys!



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Where I work, we do not. We only deal with Occupational Health and Injuries. However, I am now part of an innovative project called O.P.C. mobileMED where we only serve those who work in the Oil Producing Companies (O.P.C.) in mobile units that go on site or park in centralized areas. I believe the plan down the road, besides being exclusive to just Oil Producing Companies and their employees, we would eventually like to extend that care to the immediate families of those working in those specific companies.

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The programs you are referring to are becoming more popular in the mid west. There is a company called WeeCare and they operate such facilities. It does not fall under workers compensation, however. Often, Occ Health nurses will never touch patient's families and are reserved for only work related injuries. The point of these types of facilities is to offer cost effective (and cost controlling) benefit programs to self injured companies. If they are able to direct care with their bottom line in mind, two things may happen. A, the employee and their families will receive very cost effective care and hence save them money and B, differential diagnoses may not be fully explored due to diagnostic costs and referrals, meaning that a condition may go mistreated and misdiagnosed to protect the companies financial burden to their benefits program. Proceed with caution. Make sure the program you are speaking about has holistic care as their first priority, not saving nickles and cents.