Do your clot retrieval patients go to ICU?


We currently send all our endovascular clot retrieval patients to our combined neuro ICU/HDU. These patients are often very stable but need close observation to detect complications early. With an ever increasing number of ECR cases, there are plans to start sending these patients directly to the ward. What do other hospitals do? HDU? ICU? Ward?


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We always have them in the ICU due to the nurse pt ratio for frequency of neuro checks.

What's HDU? Head Dr Unit? Hemodialysis Unit? Highly Dangerous Unit?


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What's HDU? Head Dr Unit? Hemodialysis Unit? Highly Dangerous Unit?

HDU=High Dependency Unit, a level of care between ICU and general floor. What the US would likely call step-down.


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HDU....1:2 ratio


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Our ECR patients spend the first 12 to 24 hours in the ICU. They require q 1 neuro checks and a CT scan in the am so they cannot be on a regular medical surgical floor. They then go to a neuro step down unit. There are times when the ICU beds are full so the patients come to the neuro step down sooner. Our patients require such frequent assessments that I cannot imagine that they can be monotired safely on a regular medical surgical floor.

With a 5-1 nurse patient ratio, there is no way to keep up with the necessary assessment and observation that these patients deserve.

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Mainly they come directly to our ICU, but we are closely monitoring there sodium levels and have strict BP parameters. So maybe this HDU would maybe be appropriate depending on the situation.