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Diving back in.....HELP!!!!

by mamgoz mamgoz (New) New

Good morning, I recently completed a RN refresher course after 13 years out. Didn't glean much from the 4 mo. course as the teacher mainly told stories about her experiences or read from a book. But, my preceptor was an AMAZING, no nonsense, funny and super capable RN. I was thoroughly accepted by her and her coworkers. Only thing I found to be different was the computers. AWFUL and redundant limiting good patient care. Now I'm trying to rejoin the force with little luck. Is my only option to sign up for a new grad position and get locked into a 2-3 year contract? I have a 2yr degree but, my instructor said I need a BSN to succeed. Is this true? I also have home health experience. Maybe I should start there? Would love your feedback. Thank you so much in advance.

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forgot something

Hi mamgoz,

Would you mind if I ask you where you do your refresher course?

I'm considering to take since I'm out of nursing for almost 9 years

and I have a difficult time now getting back into nursing.


Hi Charr,

Sure, I went to Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth. It went from August to Dec and cost $1400. There was also 8 shifts with a preceptor. Good luck.

Thanks mamgoz, way too far for me, but i Liked how it's structured.

I'm closer to Daytona State College.I'll try to inquire there soon.

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Home care is an area that is growing- if you have that type of experience, I'd recommend going back to what you're familiar with to start.

Good luck- I was a SAHM for eight years, and re-entered the workforce before this horrible nursing NON shortage started.