Diversity in 100 words or less!


Please indicate in 100 words or less how you would contribute to the diversity of the nursing profession.

How??? Just how exactly do you write in 100 words or less how you can contribute to the diversity of nursing? This isn't homework - its for my application.

I'm an older student - 1st generation university student - single mom

I have a daughter in a STEM program on scholarship that I homeschooled

I was adopted by my step - dad but was still schlepped between the midwest and east coast

Just typing that as is - is 41 words. How do you make anything meaningful out of 100 words? I feel like I'm trying to write the Cliff Note version of the most important thing I'm going to do for the next 10 years. I've tried googling samples but they are all 2-3 pages long. I haven't found ANY short statements.

I don't want to come off as whiney or needy. I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth and I endured a bunch of stuff. I've been around awhile and I've seen some crap. How do you write that eloquently?


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You really just have to stick to the most important information and leave out anything that isn't as impactful or easily explained.

I mean, I would say something like:

As an older applicant who is a single mom and a first-generation college student, I will contribute a diversity of thought and experiences to nursing. The countless days I worked to care for my family, homeschooled my daughter, and attended college classes, overcoming the many aspects of my life that told me I couldn't, will help me to better understand and assist patients and educate my peers on these issues. ...And then some more because that's 70 words, and I'd hit at or as close to 100 as possible.

Obviously you might have other aspects that you feel are most important that you'd want to highlight, but I'd just try to be concise and let the implication of your words kind of fill in some of the details. I mean, if you say single mother, that gives people an general idea of what you probably had to go through, just knowing common issues that single mothers have to deal with.

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Thank you for the help! Reading that paragraph helps me phrase things better in my head. I guess I wonder about the motive for only 100 words... do most people just blow this off? For me its the hardest part of the whole application!


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I guess I wonder about the motive for only 100 words... do most people just blow this off? For me its the hardest part of the whole application!
It a hoop for you to jump through. They want to see how much effort you put into your answer. Some people wouldn't put much effort into it and write a few sentences. They also want to see if you can articulate your ideas in a concise way. They don't want to read someone's 1000 word rambling about diversity.