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I am taking this class in November and I was just reviewing the book that is needed. I saw that they recently changed the required book. I bought mine a couple months ago because I was going to take it sooner. I have the 5th edition and now they want us to have the 6th edition. I wonder if this will make much of a difference. I had to pay another $50.00 for this. Any thoughts?

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Ask the instructor. He/she should know how much difference there is between the 2 editions. Sometimes, it's very little. For example: you might be able to "make do" with the old edition if you can get someone to Xerox a specific new chapter, etc.

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Not sure this helps...but Nursing Cultural Diversity was one of the easiest classes to take. I would guess that it would not make a big difference. But, asking professor/TA would be the best advice.


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I bought the 5th edition because I found it on amazon for $9! I figure I will take a chance. I bought the last edition for public health and there were a few page changes but it worked just fine and saved me about $60.

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You will likely be just fine with the edition you have!


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Can you guys tell me the current book used for Diversity right now? I can't pull up the class on the website and need to order my book for my class in about 2 weeks Thanks!


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Go to the RN to BSN Knowledge Center- Click on either Online Bachelor Completion or Academic Outreach Initiative Students. You will see a link that says order books. All of the books for the nursing classes are listed there.