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Distance Learning/Teleconference classes


I'm planning to start applying to schools in 2010, and to hopefully start in the fall of 2011 or spring of 2012. Two of the school's I'll be applying to (Barry and TCU) offer most of their didactic courses where I live via distance learning/teleconferencing. Who's had experience with this type of class, and how are they? I have a lot of college experience, and have taken many live classes as well as more than a few online. Some of my online classes offered prerecorded lectures, but none offered any way for us to actively participate outside of the discussion board. It sounds strange, but as I'm somewhat stuck geographically, I'm glad I at least have more than one school that I can apply to. Any advice/opinion from people who've taken this type of class is very welcome! Thank you!

JenRN30, BSN

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I'm really interested too. Can anyone comment on this??

i'm doing distant education right now. it works just fine!!!! i was hesitant at first. it's must more laid back than being with the "big class". my instructors seem to like it to. they're always open to questions on the speaker. one can even recognize our voices over the speaker, and there's 140something of us. you do have to have discipline though. our lectures are recorded, and it's tempting to watch them later. not good if you have ADD/ADHD either. if you're a decent student, then i don't think it matters if you're on site or off site. my site started with 14 students, and we're all still there and still passing. i see it's been a while since y'alls posts and no one responded....so i hope this helps!!