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I am a student at Indiana State University (ISU). I am getting ads from Distance Learning Systems of Indiana (DLSII). I am trying to take the Challenge exams from The College Network (TCN), but want to make sure that it is the best fit for me. I was looking a round for reviews of both programs and found that many people have nothing Positive to say about either program. I read a thread hear but it did not answer the question except for one last Nurse saying something derogatory about DLSII's financial polices without any real specific information. I will not disregard the information, but more detail would be nice. I am running out of aid, from the Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and still have not taken one four entrance tests to TCN via ISU.

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The issue is The College Network (TCN) themselves and not ISU. TCN is a publishing company that distributes study materials for the ISU LPN-BSN program. ISU is not affiliated with TCN and getting your study materials through TCN is not a requirement for the program. You need to contact ISU directly and find out what you need to do without using TCN.

I did not go through their LPN-BSN program. I went through their campus based BSN program.


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Thanks Don,

I'm a student at ISU through their online campus. I was aware that they are not the same. I must take the challenge exams. Then apply after passing, but passing doesn't guarantee my acceptance into the lpn to bsn program. I must pay the equivalent of 18 credit hours to take all of the exams. TCN doesn't even guarantee that I will pass the exams, but I must order their study guides if I fail my first attemp. I have heard good things about ISUs Nursing program. Thanks again.


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DO NOT go through DLSII. I enrolled in July 2014. They scheduled me for a class that when I pulled it up was flagged as being ineligible to test for through Excelsior College bc I have not completed A&P and Micro. So, I questioned why they would put me in a class I cannot test for. They agreed, immediately enrolling me in another nursing course. (I am taking those sciences through my university bc I want the labs and the in-depth learning.) Three weeks into that class I called to cancel an upcoming class bc with work, cell & molecular & biology & sociology at my university, and this program, it was just too much to attempt 2 classes at one time, which they stringently do not recommend. By chance, they just happened to mention that I cannot test for this or any nursing courses until the sciences are completed, which for me, would be May 2015. She said they meant to send me a notice that Excelsior has changed their program and any courses not completed by July 1, 2015, will have to be repeated through Excelsior, over 16 weeks, and only 2 classes can be done at a time. For me, this would mean 7 of the 8 courses will have to be retaken, with all new fees and tuition. Of course, I'm very upset by this, what is the point of taking courses and paying DLSII then?? I've wasted my time so far and money. I'm stuck with owing them $5800. Luckily I had not enrolled at Excelsior yet, which without the new changes would've cost me another 5-6k. (Something just bugged me about paying over $1k just to enroll in a college.) ALSO, do not believe them when they tell you no books, that's not true at all!! So, I asked what they are willing to do about these drastic changes to the contract, can they correct the problem, or release me from the contract, bc I could've gone through my university or junior college in less time and money now. Their response and recommendation: They're protected by the contract bc they are not responsible for what Excelsior does. (But you can't do the program without going through Excelsior). They understand that I'm taking cell & molecular biology and sociology at the university right now, but, if I could enroll in Micro and A&P with them right now and then double up on my nursing classes, I should get quite a bit done before Jul 1st. What?? They strongly discourage more than one class at a time! I told her she has absolutely no idea what she is asking me to do! I called to reschedule a class bc more than one is too much!! It's extremely difficult to take those two sciences together, let alone the fact that they are basically mini-mester classes, AND do my university classes and work! They will do nothing to make it right, so given the amount of money and the numbers of people who will be affected by this change, I will seek an attorney bc I feel this is a breach of contract or deceptive trade practice etc., they augmented the terms of the contract which will cost me a great deal more money and time. Another side note, read the better business bureau complaints. The live classes video streaming is awful, it interrupts constantly and you never get a 'real' picture of the professor, just blurbs. - but you can hear about 98-99%. They tried to tell me that it's my internet connection or service, a repeated complaint with the BBB, but it is not. My university is using Echo and all of my lectures play just as if watching tv or a video. Btw, the video quality, books, those are not things that would've made me change my mind, they're just annoying, as is paying for four hours of instruction a week, and the very longest class was 3 hours exactly. With this contract, you're paying for time, so, you should get the full time. Also, you're left on your own to try and figure out how to navigate through the system - very confusing. Just another consideration. I'm actually very disappointed, I was excited about moving on after 22 years, and learning more! SO, buyer beware!!!! Repeating classes and paying more than double isn't why we do this type of program.

For anyone in my shoes right now, I think it may be helpful to not only file a BBB complaint, but also check with the attorney general. Not sure if state or US since they transact across state lines, but a call to an attorney will tell you. And if there needs to be a regulative/legislative change to the writing/wording of their contracts to protect consumers, then so be it. I'd also inform your state board of the financial burden that has been placed on many of us now, especially if they support the school, bc remember, your contract is about purchasing their time, and this new requirement will greatly extend my contract, which states, additional time will require additions fees. They said they won't charge it, but they also enrolled me in two nursing classes, and allowed me to enroll in a third, knowing that I was not eligible to take any nursing classes or test for them yet.

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DLSI is not affiliated with Excelsior College. A friend of mine bought into this and she said that basically, they have study guides and try to 'teach' you how to study for Excelsior's exams. But those guides didn't help her at all and, yes, she was just out thousands of dollars, too, and still had to pay every penny of Excelsior's fees.

I have no information regarding DLSI and their relationship with ISU, but I feel it is no different than that with Excelsior...an expensive publishing company.