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I am in Florida and I have a full-time job, 40 hours/week. I am a Paramedic and I am thinking about EC from my RN dregree. I've been contacted by Distance Learning Systems and it looks like to be an interesting study guide (third part). Any feedback about it? I could not find any useful reviews inthe internet.



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Hi Susi! You'll probably save money by going directly through EC. Check out excelsior.edu -- they actually warn students against third-party vendors.


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Hi I am a current DLSI student. I work full time and I have a child. I am able to do this progam because it is on my own time and I can schedule studying in every night when I lay my child down. Their guides remind me of cliff notes because it pulls out the meat and potatoes and really has curved the amount of time I have to spend researching and stuyding. I have passed several of the exams with their matieral. It works for me. It is something to look into.

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Dear Kenly,

Thank you for your response. That is what I am looking for, something to cut the extra and go straight to the point. I am scheduled to go to their business presentation at the end of the month so I have time to do some research.


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Hi Luna,

Thank you. I need to do some more research on their site.



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I have been doing so much research I am trying to find the quickest way to complete my Rn to bsn completion.

Not the easiest but the quickest. I may have narrow it down to EC and thomas edison. However I read some bad reviews about thomas edison that scares me. According to my transcription eval I only need seven courses to get my BSN. I am not sure about EC yet about how many I am waiting. I am wondering because I cannot find this info. Do they take prior BSN courses from other nursing programs and what is the minumium required course you must take with them.


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I would check with BBB and do some more research before signing a contract. :twocents:

I read in the excelsior nursing catalog that they might accept previous BSN courses as a waiver if you received a C or better in that course. Check the excelsior nursing catalog.