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Distance Learning Advice??


So I am currently just going to school full time. The military is paying for my bachelors in Psychology right now. My schedule is very spaced out and easy and I do not have to worry about work right now.

So in addition to my Psych degree I want to either do the LPN-RN through Excelsior or go all the way and do Indiana's LPN-BSN.

Bascially with Indiana I would start off in Phase 3 (i'm testing outof phase 2). I was told that each of the classes in phase 3 are intensive with many assignments due. Honestly how hard are these classes and how many assignments are we talking? (I know the how hard question is a bit subjective lol)

With the excelsior option it would be shorter and bascially it's more at my own pace since each class is just exam based. Plus the exams at excelsior are free for military to take. The only bad thing with this option is i'll have an ADN and I want to be an NP.........

Thoughts? (and the Psych degree is not a debate in this equation since I don't have much left on it)

Excelsior is an easier option with the exception of the CPNE. There are many RN to BSN or MSN options out there for you. Starting with an ASN will not harm your NP plans, a friend of mine started with EC and is now an NP.

One good thing about getting an Associate's in nursing is that it is attainable and it kind of serves as a demarcation or step on the way up to the next step.

Just in case life gets in the way, you would at least be an RN, rather than "not quite an RN" or "still finishing up your BSN" for however long. If nothing major happens to move you off course or slow you down, that's cool, too.

I don't know much about the other program. Since the Excelsior exams would be covered and you can go at your own pace (which is a big plus, personally), Excelsior sounds like a good option. You can always go onto your BSN, NP, etc.

Thanks! Yeah I am leaning more towards the Excelsior adn. There are quite a few Associate to MSN programs in my state so that's good.