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Hi, I have just passed my NCLEX December 29, 2024 and have a pending investigation open. I was arrest in 10/2013 for having marijuana on my possession and paraphernalia during a traffic stop all charges were dismissed. I have a telephone interview next week. I was wondering if anybody had any experience and could give me examples of what the outcome may include. TIA 

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Needadvise24 said:

 I was arrest in 10/2013 for having marijuana on my possession and paraphernalia during a traffic stop all charges were dismissed. 


talk to an attorney or look up your states process on expungement. you still should have reported this on the NCLEX questionnaire prior to taking it and submitted it to the board. any deceptive answers or "lies" will put you on your BONs radar for the rest of your career. 


the issue is, even if it is expunged it needs to be addressed by you and the BON. they want to make sure you do not have impairment or continued issues with drugs. talk to a BON attorney.  

Needadvise24. I'm not sure what state you're in or if you reported this arrest or not on your initial application. I live in Connecticut and what I can do is tell you a little about my situation. 

I received a DUI before applying to nursing school. I did all the necessary requirements to have the case sealed and dismissed prior to being accepted into the nursing program. When I was filling out all of my applications for testing and licensure, I was not required to report any of what happened to the board on any of my applications because I was technically never convicted. I answered "no" to any questions pertaining to a criminal history or any arrest and was never questioned by the board. I received my license with zero issues after passing the NCLEX. 

Do you know for a fact the pending investigation is over the marijuana arrest? Based off my situation and story, I would find it hard to believe they would be questioning you over something you weren't even convicted of. But I am not a professional on any of this so don't take my word for it. 

I am in Arizona and I did self report during my initial interview. On the Az application it's states to self report any arrest other than civil issues regardless of outcome. I had a interview with the investigator and will find out in a few days whether it meets the requirements to go in front of the board or not.

I see. Good luck with everything. Sorry I could not help more. Keep us posted on the details of the outcome. From all the posts I have read pertaining to substance abuse/use, it seems like most people get put on a probationary period with monitoring and drug testing for a certain amount of time. Again, I don't know for certain at all what is going to happen. And in my opinion it would be ridiculous for that to happen to you for a weed charge that happened 10 years ago. 

Hi, quick update everything thing turned out fine the az board is sending a letter of concern basically saying they are aware of the incident and don't do it again...my license is being released!

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So glad to hear that!  I got reported to the BON (in AZ also) for a positive UDS for THC at work.  They did nothing, LOL.

Interesting, thats the first I've heard of a letter of concern as being some type of action. Congratulations on obtaining your license, good luck! 

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