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Hello. I am a 21 year old and am a third semester nursing student. This past year was really hard so I definetly know what all of you first year students are going through. I was sure that this last year of school was going to be somewhat easier. Boy was I wrong! I just found out that I failed my last OB test. I studied so hard for that test. I think I really want to do something with labor and delivery, but after failing the test it really discourages me. Sometimes I wonder if I am even fit to be a nurse. If anyone has any words of encouragement I would greatly appreciate them. Plus, I will gladly accept any study tips that anyone has to offer.


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Sheila, hang in there! One failed test doesn't mean you can't be a good nurse. I think most of us met many bumps in the road along the way in our training. Take a deep breathe, put that test behind you and move on! And remember, we do care how you're doing. Keep us updated.


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Sheila,You cannot let one OB test get you down. I can be frustrating and hard. You will have some self doubt from time to time, but take that energy and put toward something positive. Everyone has failed a test and felt bad about it. But, you go on. If you feel that you truely want to be a nurse, then you will do great. Focus on your dream and study again and never feel like a failure to ask for help. I wanted to be a OB/gyn nurse when I was in school and I failed some tests too. But, guess what I studied harder and got help, and I am proud to say I am a RN in Labor and Delivery. Just stick with it and you will do great!!!


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I have a few things to say

1) My ex-husband had a 4.0 in his bachelors program, and a 3.89 in his MS program, and bairly made a 2.85 in his nursing program 4 years later.

2)There is a way of thinking that will get you when you know the facts inside and out, one slip and you do not get the grade, go back, restudy, study with others, those that passed, and those retaking the test. It is worth it. I am by far not the better end of nursing, but when i am doing my work (as opposed to my JOB) I love it!!!

3)Nurses can be like snakes, they eat their young. You have to go back and refight for what you love. it is worth it

I had the director of my nursing program tell me to just drop out because I was not gonna make it through HER program (I did!)


*** May we all have the serenity to accept what we cannot change, and the determination to change what we cannot accept. ***

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I bet you now know the answers to the questions you missed on that test, don't you? Then you DID learn what you were supposed to, and you probably will remember longer than some of the stuff that came easier. School is for learning, and tests are a measurement of how well the instructor's did THEIR jobs, not a measure of the student's worth.

They deliberately make nursing school hard; they make you jump through hoops and question yourself all the time. It's good practice for what your life will be like after you graduate! Seriously, move forward and use this episode to build the inner strength for the next time you have to fight for what you believe in. Just the fact that you're upset about this shows you care about doing a good job, and that's a big part of what it takes to be a nurse!

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