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Recently, my hubby asked me what I wished I would have done with my career path if I would have had a chance to do it over. I told him that I wished I had become a nurse. I have spent years in the medical field (both human and animal) as a medical assistant, vet assistant or (currently) secretary...but never doing what I really wanted. I have a decent job now and I make ok money for what I do, but it's never been enough for me mentally. My wonderful hubby told me that I should follow my passion, quit my job and go back to school full time. I was so thrilled that I may finally get to become the nurse I always wanted to be. Now I'm not so sure. :( I always thought there were jobs out there for nurses..I guess I fell for the whole 'nursing shortage' thing like everyone else. Now after reading all these forums, I'm realizing the the chances for a new graduate are slim to none. It's so sad and discouraging. How could I put my family through me not having a job (losing my income plus gaining debt) and not even achieving the goal I had set out for? I don't hate my current job and quitting to go back to school full time scares me alot, especially in this horrible economy. But knowing that I didn't even TRY to achieve something that would fulfill me and definitely make more money for my family in the long run also scares me. *sigh* I guess I'm just sadly venting... but I will take any advice anyone wants to give.

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Don't give up yet! You've got to remember there are many different places a nurse could work, i.e. school nurse,VA, LTC, hospital, mental health, dr. office, and the list goes on.

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Here's how I see it. Yes, right now new grads are having problems finding jobs. That doesn't mean they aren't getting hired though, it's just that it takes longer. Back in the dark ages when I graduated, you could pretty much apply for things 6 months prior to grad and have multiple offers. Our new grads coming now are being told to wait until you pass boards before you apply. Most hospitals in the area (Indiana) will no longer hire until you have passed NCLEX. Finding a job is not a problem, and by the time you graduate, the job market probably will have picked back up.

I wouldn't pass on a career that you want because of what you hear. It's out there, no problem.

WickedredRN I sure hope your right. I was told the same thing you posted and was advised by time you graduate the market will be better. Well it will be a year in December and I have had no luck. I sure hope it turns around soon:confused:

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