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Hello everyone,

Just need to vent! First off I am lucky enough to be a new grad with a great tele position on a very busy floor. I feel bad for even saying anything negative because I know Im lucky to even get a job. However lately its some of the people that I work with that is making me discouraged.

The most recent happening was last week. Our manager posts shifts for time and a half on paper in the med room and you sign up for them by writing your name. In the middle of the week I called during the day and asked if saturday time and a half was still available. The day manager said yes. I came in on friday to work my evening shift and to sign up for the 11-3 portion of the saturday 11-7 time and a half. Before I even had a chance to sign up my evening manager approached me and asked if I would work 3-3 saturday (which was what i was going to do including the time and a half). I told her yes and that I was planning on signing up for the time and a half. She informed me that it was not time and a half any longer and that shed be taking 3-7 off my 3-11 shift on sunday. I wasnt thrilled about this but Im new and I dont want to go back on what I said about being able to work.

Saturday I came in for my dreaded 3-3. One of the other nurses approached me and asked me what I was doing on sunday that I couldnt come in for my 3-7 BECAUSE SHE WAS GETTING TIME AND A HALF TO WORK THOSE FOUR HOURS. This obviously upset me because I couldnt fathom why I couldnt have it at all.

Yesterday I talked with the evening manager. Her answer for this to me was that if I spoke up and said Id work my whole shift sunday that I would have gotten my time and a half "you dont know this because your new." I explained to her that I told her in that conversation that I wanted the time and a half and she said she never heard me say it. I told her I even called during the week to ask about it and she said I should have spoke with her. She ended the conversation by telling me to not be afraid to ask questions and that now I know for next time. She did not even give me the option of still getting time and a half...how was it my job to ask otherwise? She knew I didnt know because she said it herself im new!! I feel totally dooped and blown off. Apparently she has a track record of things like this but that doesnt make me feel any better...any words of encouragement would be great :/

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If you sign up for extra shifts or are asked to work extra, get your bonus pay approved by the appropriate manager before you work. I know you must feel taken advantage of, hospitals do what works for them. Next time you'll do better.

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