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I know that you are supposed to disclose your past criminal record, but what if I do not remember what the charges are? There was a couple of times in my younger years where I spent time in a holding cell for a few hours, was released, paid a fine, and that was it. I do not have any documentation. Should I request a background check in those counties or just disclose that I may have a record, but I'm not sure what was on it? Should I disclose charges that were dismissed?

I would have conversation with an attorney who can find these things out for you. You need to find out what your record currently says and then address each issue from there.

Good luck!


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Thank you. I'll be requesting my background next week. I know that they can't be too bad, but I just don't know what to disclose. These were all 6-13 years ago so I hope that the board just sees that I was young, dumb, and that I've changed.