Disciplinary Action on NJ License, applying for license in different state


Has anyone had a disciplinary action on their nursing license and then applied for a nursing license in another state? My NJ license (where I got the disciplinary action for failure to respond...due to addiction...which it also states in the report that's why I failed to respond thanks to my horrible advise from a lawyer....) My nj license is still active. Im applying for a license in a different state and am afraid that they will not give me a license due to the fact that I had a disciplinary action on my license. I have almost two years clean and the incident is from two years ago. If anyone has any experience with this or suggestions please let me know! I am supposed to start work in January and am afraid to count on this job if I wont be able to even get the license in the state that I will be working.

Also, would it make a different if I go to the Board review when they go over my application?

Thanks for any input!


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Hi! I had disciplinary action in Indiana and completed a monitoring agreement in 2011. My Indiana license is active no restrictions. I recently relocated and applied for RN endorsement in Nevada and they are ordering I 1.) be disciplined again by issuing me a probationary license 2.) I repeat a monitoring contract for two years.

Of course I declined and am hiring a nurse attorney.

Every case is different just providing you some insight.

Please note I completed my Indiana monitoring without incident. The Nevada BON explained that they are basing their decision on the "environment" of Las Vegas and the stress of the RN role. ?!?

It is confusing for me because in Indiana I am safe to practice but a threat to the community in Nevada.


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I have gotten 6 different licenses since having a disciplinary action on a license almost 25 years ago. Every time I have to fully disclose and submit lots of documentation. About five years ago I applied for a Michigan license and was subject to a hearing. I withdrew my application because the risk of being declined looks terrible when applying for a license in some states. My best advice is to be completely open and include a cover letter listing everything you are enclosing and end the letter with "Please let me know if you require any further documentation or clarification." Good luck.


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Thank you! Did you happen to apply for a Delaware license and get it? That is where I am applying for the second license. On the nursys website it says I failed to respond due to drug addiction. I never had to enter a program or anything but they still gave me a disciplinary action because I failed to respond in the time frame. I know that I had another arrest after that, again another disturbing the peace and the board just found out about it over a year after it happened. So i am still waiting to hear back from that. I believe they may make me go into the RAMP program....but I dont know how that works if I already have been to rehab and have been living in a sober house and have significant amount of clean time...will they suspend my license? Or do i go for evaluation and then they determine? Sorry for so many questions but I don't know too much about all of this!

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Bons are a little different, state to state, it has been my experience that when they have to find out something, not reported......sometimes they are a little,,,,,,,,pffffff'ed.....most require some amount of monitored time with various stipulations and requirements.........best wishes for you


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In Nevada if they find out something you did not report your application is automatically marked fraudulent and denied and disciplined.. Best to disclose everything...

Also most BON have approved programs meaning you can only seek treatment from "board approved" providers.


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I totally agree that full disclosure is necessary for licensing and to get your life back on track. We live in an information age, and we never know what information is in what database somewhere. I had confided something to a "friend" who later called my employer with said info, who then fired me until I had everything straight with the board. I should have been straight with the board to begin with and it would have been much, much easier in the long run for me.