Personal Disaster Relief Packing List

  1. I just joined a volunteer group that provides medical relief during disasters. We would primarily be serving under FEMA and HHS, and supplementing acute care needs during national emergencies. Max deployments would be ~2 weeks, when we would be rotated out for other teams. Does anyone having any suggestions for essential items that get left off the basic packing list that these organizations provide? Would love to hear about the experiences of others and what they have wished they packed/brought with them!
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  3. by   sara567
    I used to do this...extra underwear, deodorant, baby wipes, hygiene items. Steel toe, high boots. Water bottles. Most of the time you will be working with no air conditioning, limited electricity, in dirty situations. Not sure your age, but news articles of Katrina was a pretty accurate account.
  4. by   hppygr8ful
    I would bring a back-pack filled with a few emergency supplies and maybe even a few comfort items you might enjoy that might not be readily available. Sanitary pads/tampons (if you use them), emergency flashlight (I like the headlamp hands free one). No perishable food (granola/protein bars, nuts etc.) Water purification tablets. A change of cloths/underwear etc... Tylenol/Ibuprophen / Imodium. Just a few of my favorite things.
  5. by   tacticool
    A good flashlight with extra batteries, a multitool (Leatherman), a good folding knife, an in-line water filter (check out REI), washcloth-sized babywipes in addition to the other good suggestions.
  6. by   AceOfHearts<3
    Can anyone share more info on how they got involved with disaster relief groups? It's something I'm interested in, but not sure if I should wait another year or two until I have more experience. I've been trying to look on the Red Cross website, but not really finding anything useful. TIA
  7. by   InArduisFidelis
    Thanks for all the good packing suggestions! AceOfHearts you should check out the Medical Reserve Corps. It will familiarize you will disaster relief in your own community, and the networking opportunities are excellent for meeting people in your community that do relief work on the global stage.