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Who would think that a normally healthy woman would die so swiftly from influenza in June? Could you ever have imagined such a thing? No wonder her family and friends are in shock. So why did... Read More

  1. by   indigo girl
    Dayton, Ohio

    Lots of healthy men in the prime of life dying now. Not just kids anymore ...

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    On Sunday, Oct. 25, the 38-year-old Preble County sheriff's captain staggered into the living room complaining that he couldn't breathe.
    "Do you want me to call a squad?" she asked.

    He nodded, she said, "But I think he knew he was going to die." Thornsberry was flown to Indiana University Hospital in Indianapolis, where he was diagnosed with viral and bacterial pneumonia and the H1N1 virus-after four negative tests for the swine flu.

    It seemed unreal that her husband of 17 years-who seemed afflicted by nothing worse than a bad cold-could be near death.
    "Here he's a big, strong, healthy man, 38 years old, lying there helpless," she recalled.

    Thornsberry died Nov. 6...
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    Juneau, Alaska

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    A 19-year-old woman from Haines who was living in Juneau had swine flu when she died Nov. 21, the state Department of Health and Social Services reported today.

    She had not been hospitalized.

    The cause of death has not been determined, said department spokesman Greg Wilkinson. There is no evidence that she had any chronic health conditions, he said.
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    San Juan County, New Mexico

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    Nearly 1,000 New Mexicans have been admitted to hospitals this year for treatment related to the H1N1 flu, according to the New Mexico Department of Health which recorded one flu-related death during the last week.

    The man who died was 50 and did not have any underlying medical conditions that might have contributed to the death. Swine flu has now been cited in 43 deaths in the state this year.
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    posted: fri, dec. 11, 2009

    [color=#320e00]fit, but dead of swine flu

    by don sapatkin
    inquirer staff writer

    laura brewster, healthy and fit at 56, ran, swam, and played tennis. two weeks ago, she returned to glenside from a dream vacation in china. less than a week later, she was dead of swine flu.

    kevin hirsch, 26, almost never missed a day of work at a mcdonald's restaurant in northeast philadelphia. "he didn't have a runny nose, a cold, or a fever in 15 years," said his father, mickey, who disconnected his son's life support on nov. 18 after nearly 15 agonizing days in the icu....

    less sickness may mean less interest in vaccine, and that worries mickey hirsch. in the three weeks since kevin's death, he has turned grief into action.

    the single father of three had a powerful bond with his preternaturally happy eldest son, who had a constellation of cognitive deficits, from severe learning disabilities to an inability to think abstractly, since infancy. "he didn't understand history, didn't understand god, but he understood sports," hirsch said, "and he had a ph.d. in public transportation."

    now the independent contractor is on a whirlwind campaign for vaccination, tacking more than 100 homemade posters around his welsh road-willets road neighborhood, and purposefully corresponding with thousands of people on the "prayers for kevin hirsch" facebook page set up during his son's illness.

    for those who are uncertain, he offers support, personally escorting dozens to get vaccinated at the city health center on cottman avenue.
    and for those who loudly question the worth or safety of vaccines, he is blunt: "they should be thankful that their parents didn't feel the same way when it came time to get the polio vaccine. otherwise you would be on crutches or in wheelchairs."

    stanton segal, medical director of aria health and an attending physician at its torresdale campus, where kevin hirsch died, is less strident. "it is a good illustration of how important it is to get vaccinated," he said. "this was a pretty healthy young guy."...
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    Omaha, Nebraska

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    The H1N1 virus nearly killed a young Omaha dad. Doug Jorgensen is just 29-years-old and has no pre-existing medical conditions, yet he was struck down hard by Swine Flu.

    Doug, a healthy young man, was just driving along and his heart stopped beating. Doctors said Doug's body was filled with infection from H1N1 and double pneumonia. They told his family to say their goodbyes. "I stroked Doug's arm and I looked into his eyes and all I said was I love you son. I thought this is probably the last time I'm going to see Doug alive ."

    His family calls it a miracle, Doug is still with them today. It's been very long road to recovery and the journey is far from over. Today, we visited Doug at Quality Living, Inc., the rehab center where he now lives. He's painting a frame to give to his little girl. But the truth is Doug can't remember her birth just a year ago. The swine flu wiped out Doug's memory. It's also forced him to relearn how to walk again.
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    Fargo, North Dakota

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    Keith Worthington is lying in a pediatric intensive-care unit bed, breathing with the aid of a machine and battling for his life.

    The diagnosis turned out to be swine flu, the H1N1 virus, compounded by pneumonia and a bacterial infection. His lungs filled with fluids and suffered damage.

    Another complication: The strain of bacteria is resistant to antibiotics. His condition is critical and unstable.

    Although autistic, Keith had no underlying health conditions, such as asthma, before the flu struck. That meant he wasn't in the
    first group to be targeted for the vaccine, which was unavailable before he got sick, his mother said.

    Now, however, he has a lot of healing to do. His doctors aren't certain whether damage to his lungs is permanent. It has been difficult to wean him from the ventilator, Sam-Agudu said.
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    Snohomish County, Washington

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    An Everett man in his 20s has died from the swine flu, at least the eighth person in Snohomish County to die from complications of the virus.

    The man was hospitalized on Nov. 23 and died on Dec. 10, said Suzanne Pate, spokeswoman for the Snohomish Health District.

    The man had no underlying health conditions, such as asthma or heart problems, that put people at higher risk for dying from swine flu. No other details were available Tuesday evening.
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    Mankato, Minnesota

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    On Oct. 24, after a week-and-a-half in the hospital, Mike Milbrath died. He was only 54, a healthy man with no underlying health problems.

    As a health administrator at Waseca Medical Center, Mike used to come home and tell Cheryl about the steps his hospital was taking to guard against H1N1. Because he didn't work directly with patients, Mike wasn't eligible to get vaccinated.

    "He was just very concerned that people were not taking it seriously enough. And he said, 'There's going to be a pandemic, and people are going to die,'" Cheryl recalled. "And never in a million years did we think it would be him."
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  9. by   lamazeteacher
    Administrators of hospitals interface with those other employees there, who do have patient contact, therefore they are vulnerable to those without immunity to H1N1. Since the vaccine isn't 100% effective (it's around 80%), and it's unknown if even having that flu renders immunity, it appears to me that the vaccine is needed by administrators of hospitals. Not all of Mike Milbrath's employees took the vaccine, I'm sure. They would be carrying the virus for at least 2 days before becoming symptomatic......

    It was a tragic lesson for Mike's family, friends and employees to learn; and hopefully they had the vaccine when it became more available than it was in Oct.'09. He was very gallant to wait on his vaccination, but it cost him his life, possibly.:stone
  10. by   indigo girl
    Nevada County, California

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    The Public Health Department is reporting the first death of a Nevada County resident from the H1N1 virus.

    The patient, a 52 year old, otherwise healthy female, died from complications related to the H1N1 influenza infection during hospitalization and anti-viral treatment. The Union is developing details and the full story will be in Tuesday's edition.
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    San Diego County, California

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    A 29-year-old healthy woman who tested positive for the swine flu has died, becoming the 62nd death in San Diego County in which the H1N1 virus was detected in the person, the county's Health and Human Services Agency said Wednesday.

    While the woman tested positive for swine flu, the exact cause of death has not been determined, health officials said.

    Health officials declined to release the hometown of the woman who died.
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    Austin, Texas

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    Robin Shivers-an Austin philanthropist who helped provide health care for 1,400 uninsured musicians-died of bronchopneumonia, according to the Travis County medical examiner's office.

    Shivers, 53, died suddenly in October. Family members said she had no known life-threatening conditions.

    Bronchopneumonia is pneumonia characterized by inflammation of the lungs and bronchial tubes.
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    Afula, Israel

    Even the new drug, Permivir did not help her. That's dreadful news.

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    A 25-year-old woman who did not suffer from any other ailments died of swine flu at an Afula hospital on Monday. The resident of the northern Israel town of Migdal Haemek is Israel's 79th swine flu fatality.

    The young woman arrived to the emergency room at Afula's Haemek Hospital in serious condition, suffering from shortness of breath and high fever.

    The hospital reported that she was diagnosed with swine flu and was treated with Tamiflu and later with the experimental drug Permivir, which is intended for patients in critical condition. The woman's health nonetheless deteriorated and she died overnight.
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