Hurricane Irma

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am a living in Miami. Being part of team A, means that I have to go into the hospital before and during the storm (Irma). Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should pack?
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  3. by   RNNPICU
    What we have done for snowstorms when we knew it may be more than 2 days without going home, different people have packed different things.
    The list below is things I have seen for majorvsnowstorms
    1. Air matress and linens
    2. Clothes for several days - not just work clothes but regular clothes as well
    3. Laundry detergent
    4. Contact lens supplies/ glasses
    5. Medications
    6. Extra water/ soda/ juice
    7. Comfort food items
    8. Cell phone charger
    9. Cash
    10. Movies
  4. by   Wuzzie
    -If you have an iPad or something like that download a few books on it you may not have wifi
    -deck of cards
  5. by   Lil Nel
    The first poster gave you very good advice. After the danger has passed, I recommend every nurse who lives in a hurricane prone area to read: Five Days At Memorial. This is the hospital where at least one MD and several nurses were accused of "mercy" killings during Hurricane Katrina. Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans should have been "safe" during Katrina, but it wasn't. At the time, it was owned by a hospital-chain, and the parent company did little to help staff and patients.

    More than being prepared for boredom, I would prepare to stay alive and to help others stay alive. You just don't know what is going to happen. And don't count on your employer to help you, or your patients.

    Good luck and best wishes.