Honduras: Swine Flu Closes School

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    H1N1 continues to make its way around the world. Right now western Africa is being hit, and surprisingly these articles are about the Central American country of Honduras.

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    Health authorities reported yesterday that they have closed the first private school in the capital due to H1N1, now that the illness has caused an absenteeism rate of 39 percent, confirming that in recent days five pupils are carrying the virus.

    La escuela Dowal School fue cerrada temporalmente luego de que se presentara un ausentismo escolar del 39 por ciento debido a la influenza AH1N1. De esta forma se encendieron los focos de alarma en el sistema sanitario público, porque hace seis meses no se registraban instituciones de enseñanza clausuradas temporalmente por esta causa en la capital.

    Dowal School was closed temporarily after reporting a pupil absenteeism rate of 39 percent. This triggered alarms in the public health system, since no schools in Tegucigalpa have been closed for this reason in the past six months.

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    El infectólogo del Hospital Escuela Tito Alvarado manifestó que es probable que pronto se tengan que cerrar otros colegios y escuelas si no se toman las medidas de prevención porque el virus es autóctono.

    Dr. Tito Alvarado of Escuela Hospital said it is probable that other high schools and primaries will soon have to be closed if they don't take preventive measures, because the virus is endemic.
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  3. by   oramar
    I thought this was interesting. It indicated to me that H1N1 can erupt here and there again and again.