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Evidence of swine flu risk to pregnant women rises; experts urge early treatment Remember that the CDC is now recommending special considerations for pregnant HCW. Most hospitals and health... Read More

  1. by   indigo girl
    State of Puebla, Mexico

    H1N1 continues to move thru Mexico. It never left there.


    Quote from www.flutrackers.com

    The secretary general of the National Union of Social Security (SNTSS) section 1, Reyes Hernandez Rosas reported that in recent days, two patients died in the regional hospital of San Alejandro in human influenza.

    The victims were pregnant women.
    With these deaths, five additional deaths in the state, but neither the IMSS and the local Ministry of Health (SSA) have been reported.

    Officially, there are only three confirmed cases and 98 deaths from influenza human. The last five infections were made public Friday by the Secretary of Health, Alfredo Arango Garcia, who described three outbreaks that occurred in Puebla, and another one in Teziutln more Coyomeapan.

    People infected with the virus AH1N1 four women were 21, 20, 19 and 13 years respectively, and a boy of seven years.

    Rosas Reyes explained that the results of the National Institute of Epidemiological Reference (Indre), which confirmed that the two women killed themselves were infected by the virus arrived in Puebla AH1N1 days after the infection had been buried.

    He added that although the Indre confirmed the infection of the now deceased, the IMSS did not alter the minutes of death, which was the cause of death of the two women was atypical pneumonia.

    The secretary general of SNTSS San Alejandro reported that six people are hospitalized, this group, two women, who gave birth a few days ago and another 20 years, and they reported that carry the virus AH1N1, other and are placed under suspicion because of atypical pneumonia.

    Among those who could be infected by human influenza is at the IMSS subdelegation Teziutln Efrain Dominguez Emilio de la Rosa, who is a serious health.

    Of the six cases, two confirmed and four suspects, three men and four women in the group of females, three are pregnant.

    The baby of one of the two women who died was saved and the other died due to premature birth, was 28 weeks' gestation.

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    sao paulo, brazil


    Quote from crofsblogs.typepad.com

    one woman of 37 died in the seventh month of pregnancy. another, 17, was delivered of twins by emergency caesarean before she died. the twins are doing well.

    bear in mind that so paulo is a megacity of 18.4 million people. these deaths must be only a small fraction of the daily death toll. but it still hurts to think of the death of a 17-year-old.

    Quote from crofsblogs.typepad.com

    brazil, where 56 people have died of the pandemic h1n1 flu virus, has latin america's lowest mortality rate from the illness at 0.02 deaths per 100,000 people, compared with 0.41 in argentina, 0.13 in mexico and 0.11 in chile, according to data as of july 29 from brazil's health ministry. the deaths in brazil included 36 women, nine of whom were pregnant.

    the report's death total is out of date; yesterday's tally was 92, and at least a couple of additional deaths have been reported so far today.
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    I was thinking about how the very last thing on the mind of a young, healthy, pregnant woman is death. Many of them don't have life insurance. If they are not married don't make arrangements for care of their children in the case of their not being here. They probably have just merely talked about names for a child to friends and family, never speaking of how they would want the child to be raised. In the US most don't have enough work history for the children to qualify for SSI, though some older mothers might well have it. It is very sad. Some of them will live but will live with disablilities posing huge burdens for families that are trying to figure out how to care for the infants and children left behind. That one case out in Oregon(I think) the woman has been on vent for month or two. She is slowly suffering massive multiple organ failure. It doesn't appear she will make it and probably already has run up huge medical bills. If she does make it I bet we are looking at years of rehab and LTC, more massive medical bills. The poor husband is trying to care for infant and rush back and forth from hospital to home. It sounds very, very rough. Like I said before, I am hoping the medical community will be more vigilant about this virus in pregnant women from here on in and there won't be as many complications in that group.
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    Even though the Iranians are denying this, I want to acknowledge this woman's death in case they are censoring this kind of information. Now, they wouldn't do anything like that, would they?

    Quote from news.xinhuanet.com

    Iran's Health and Medical Education Ministry on Wednesday denied the report of an influenza A/H1N1 infection death case in the country, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

    "The death report of a pregnant woman in Qeshm out of an infection to influenza A/H1N1 virus is not confirmed," Mohammad Mehdi Gouya, an official with the Health Ministry, was quoted as saying.

    Earlier on Wednesday, local Mehr news agency reported that a pregnant mother has died in Qeshm, an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf, out of the infection to influenza A/H1N1, quoting an unidentified health expert from the Health Center of southern province Hormozgan.

    According to Mehr, the infection to the novel flu virus in Iranhas been sped up considerably.

    Since the identification of the first case of the virus in the country, on the average, three people has been infected by the virus on a daily basis, the report said.
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    This difficult translation demonstrates the concern the Brazilians are showing with regard to pregnant women and swine flu. There is also some detail on two deaths.

    Quote from www.flutrackers.com

    Sixteen ambulances of the Municipal Secretariat of Health are in readiness to refer pregnant women with severe flu symptoms to one of 9 units of reference of the capital. Those already present framework will lead to avian appointment within 12 hours and the Hospital in Fundo Piquet Carneiro, UERJ. Are 70 queries per day. Only have access to the service, launched yesterday, the pregnant women who connect to the Telessade (021 - 3523-4025).

    Of the 19 deaths from flu in new condition, 5 were pregnant, group in which the virus has been expressed so aggressive. "We want to reduce deaths among pregnant women and identify early signs of severity. We quantity of Tamiflu sufficient to treat thousand patients in the hospitals of reference for women," Dohmann said.

    But the Cremerj now presents new recommendations for treatment of new cases of influenza, especially in pregnant women. After listening to about 350 doctors, last night, the board will recommend the implementation of a greater number of examinations in pregnant women who have cough, fever and shortness of breath. Among them, blood, chest X-ray and pulse oximetry (to measure oxygen saturation in the body).

    The Public Defender of the Rio Protocol yesterday public civil action in Federal Court asking that the Ministry of Health available at all public and private network of the country the antiviral Tamiflu to any suspected cases of influenza. But the Minister Jos Gomes Temporo said that distribution will not be changed: only serious cases are treated with the medication.

    The secretaries of health and Sergio Corts Hans Dohman today to discuss assistance to new mothers with symptoms of flu. They meet in the morning, at the Center, with doctors and researchers.

    The two babies of pregnant women - killed this week with suspected avian swine - survived. With seven months of pregnancy, seamstress Geize Lamb, 28, died in the early hours of Tuesday at the Hospital for Saracuruna in Caxias, where he was hospitalized since Saturday. Doctors did an emergency cesarean section and saved Luize Victoria, which is in serious condition in the ICU of the hospital.

    A particular unit of the Governor's Island, another pregnant, who suffered from morbid obesity and asthma, died on 2 with symptoms of the disease. She sought care 28 days with a diagnosis of pneumonia.
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    Quote from www.rnzi.com

    The Ministry of Health in Samoa has confirmed the death of another mother fom swine flu.

    She died a day after a pregnant woman ,who was diagnosed with H1N1, died following a caesarian operation to save her child.
    The most recent victim of swine flu was a woman from Aleipata district, who was rushed to the national hospital for medical treatments but died before arrival.

    Health sources say members of the dead mother's family have also been diagnosed as infected, including young children, but doctors and nurses were immediately sent to provide medical assistance.

    Meanwhile three mothers who called into the special clinic for pregnant women at the national hospital have been admitted to the isolation ward with swine flu symptoms.

    The ministry of health has announced the reopening of all schools in the country on Tuesday. Schools were closed for two weeks in order to contain the spread of the swine flu.
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    Quote from indigo girl


    This difficult translation demonstrates the concern the Brazilians are showing with regard to pregnant women and swine flu. There is also some detail on two deaths.
    I am impressed with this response.
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    Managua, Nicaragua


    Quote from news.xinhuanet.com

    "Today we have had the first death related to the A/H1N1 virus. It was a 30-year-old female patient from Cruz del Rio Grande in the Caribbean region," Health Minister Guillermo Gonzalez said. He added that "despite her youth, she was not able to survive."

    According to the minister, the patient started to have flu symptoms soon after her baby was born by caesarean. She arrived in a Managua hospital in grave condition before succumbing to the flu.
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    Quote from www.flutrackers.com

    With the death of a pregnant woman and four people are killed by human influenza in Panama, where 629 were confirmed infected, reported Thursday that Health Minister Franklin Vergara.

    "The lady who died in the city of Chitr (...), is a pregnant woman (who) died with (flu) A (H1N1)," Vergara said in a press conference.

    Madelaine Cedeo, who passed away on August 7, had presented a picture of asthma in adolescence and pregnancy, said Vergara.

    However, the victim's family told a local radio station that the girl suffered from asthma and do not believe that there was medical malpractice by failing to respond timely to the deceased, who also could have contracted the virus in the hospital.
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    South Africa


    Quote from www.google.com

    South Africa's swine flu death toll has increased to six in two weeks making the country the worst affected by the epidemic on the continent, health officials said Sunday.

    Three people died last week, two pregnant women aged 23 and 27 and a man in his 60s.

    "Swine flu fatalities in the country now stand at six, this makes us the leading country in Africa with the most A(H1N1) case load and fatalities," national health spokesman Fidel Hadebe, told AFP.

    He said fatalities were reported from different provinces.

    South Africa reported its first infection in June and the country is dealing with some 2800 cases so far, according to the health department.
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    Mumbai, India


    Quote from www.mid-day.com
    On Sunday, a 21 year old pregnant woman, who was kept on ventilator at Kasturba Hospital succumbed to the H1N1 virus taking the city toll up to seven.

    Chaudhary was transferred to Kasturba hospital on Friday from Vineet Hospital in Thane. Pushpa Chaudhary was seven months pregnant.

    "She was brought in on Friday in a state of coma and there was nothing we could do," said BMC executive health officer Jayraj Thanekar.
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    Hong Kong


    Quote from www.news.gov.hk

    The Hospital Authority has confirmed two critical human swine flu cases involving a pregnant 23-year-old woman who required an emergency delivery and a 16-year-old girl.

    The woman came down with fever and flu symptoms August 18 and was isolated at Tuen Mun Hospital August 20. Her condition worsened and an emergency Caesarean was performed the next day. She was put in intensive care August 22 on ventilation support. The baby is stable.
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    Hey Indigo Girl,
    Thank you for tracking these.