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  1. by   lamazeteacher
    TuTonka has raised a concern I have about the use of masks that have little effectiveness, if they're not N95 ones (they get saturated with moisture, promoting more communication of germs). They also cannot be fitted to be air proof.

    I have contacted my local American Red Cross chapter to see if they are interested in having volunteers trained to fit N95 masks for those purchasing them at drug stores. When I began working as the Employee Health Nurse at a large facility in CA, I was oriented regarding this; and gave properly fitted masks to new employees during their processing for employment (can't call it a physical any more). They were instructed to keep it handy in a baggie, in case SARS appeared again. Well something beginning with "S" is here again, requiring the use of a well fitted mask.

    If any of you want to have experience doing this with the American Red Cross, please call them. They will not have the transparent plastic cylindar with which you may have been taught about mask fitting, but the blowing of air while wearing the mask will work, to detect whether air escapes with hands encircling the perimeter of masks worn while air is blown out by the wearer.

    I'd love to have local offices of the American Red Cross all around the country pelting the administrative offices of that organization, so they'd have pressure to perform this public service. If only one office (mine) requests that, it's not likely to be approved.

    Thanks, y'all
  2. by   nerdtonurse?
    On the job, I'm doing either N95 or respirator. Period. I decide if I need PPE beyond what our infection control nurse states, and I'm going in dressed for contact, droplet and using eye protection if I'm doing sputum samples.

    As an aside, when we had the noro outbreak at our hospital, I was the assigned "dirty nurse" on 3 shifts and I was the ONLY "dirty nurse" who didn't end up with the infection.