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Okay, yes this is a whine and cry about getting a B instead of an A. Missed the stupid thing by 1.5%. Cried all the way home today. But enough with that....I have some questions about what others are doing in their classes.

I'm in my second year of ADN. The semester is 12 credits and it's only one class but everything is wrapped into one - meds, patho, peds, etc. My question is this.....what does your instructor do in class to teach you the material??? (We have exams every two weeks). Our instructor "tells us to study the Powerpoints" however she's on this kick about group activities. So we literally race thru Powerpoints, we never review them and then she sticks us into these stupid groups. Then we are told to look up all this information on our own.

I guess I'm old fashioned when I believe that the instructor's job is to teach; not let us fend for ourselves. Is anyone else feeling this way? Most in my class are extremely unhappy with her style of teaching and don't feel like we are getting the education we paid for.

I study constantly - I certainly don't slack off. And I believe there is value in having to look up information and learn it on your own.

Bottom line....does your instructors usually cover or at least mention the material that you're tested on?? Is anyone else having trouble with the quality of education your receiving??


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We have powerpoint presentations and right done each slide as notes, yes my instructor goes over each point. But I don't study the notes I read the chapters mainly.

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In our program, 50% of the test questions are not covered in class. First couple of semesters it was frustrating but I'm just accustomed to it now and end up studying everything possible. I think they feel that you will learn much more if you don't know exactly what will be there. That's my theory at least. I don't feel like I'm not getting a quality education, actually it's the opposite.

As far as A's I got over them after the first semester. I really don't think that grades are a true reflection of the type of nurse a person will be. Although I know they are important if you want to further your education. Anyway, that's my opinion. Keep your head up!


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I am only a first year and have heard from the second year students that we being spoiled right now. They say that bascially the material is thrown at them and its kind of like "here it is, learn it on your own."

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Bs are good. renerian

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