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We just got the results from our first Pathophysiology exam back. I got an 80. I worked my butt off, and that's what I got. A third of the class failed the exam. I know I should be grateful with what I got, but it's just really disappointing to work so hard and get so little out of it.

jschut, BSN, RN

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Just hang in there. Remember that 1 test isn't going to hurt you. Know what your weak points were and work on those for next time.

You'll do fine next time! I know it!:)


Katnip, RN

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Thanks Julie. I'm done whining now, and ready to focus on the next thing.

jschut, BSN, RN

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I know it is so upsetting when you studied really hard and then all of a sudden you take the test and the score did not reflect what you felt you should have recieved. I remember my patho class all to well. The first two tests I did horrible on them. I got 60% on both tests. I almost dropped out of nursing school because of patho. Well I totally changed my habits and did a complete turn around. I started looking at the objectives the teacher gave and the objectives in the book and made questions out of those. I read the chapter and read a section stopped closed my book and put into my own words what I had just read. I made note cards out of lecture notes and carried them everywhere I went. I even typed my notes and that may seem like a waste but typing my notes really helps me. These things sound obvious to most people but to me I was in my first semester of nursing school and I am not exactly the brightest crayon in the box it takes me a little longer to learn the material unlike others who can hear it one time and it seems like they know everything they heard. Well the last two tests and then the final I got 90% on all of them. I ended up with a B+ in the class with other work figured in. I was one of several people in the lowest % in Patho at midterm but then in the end I was one of a few people who was in the highest % of the class in Patho.

It it not to late to get an A if you want but Patho is a very hard class.

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