Disablities as a Nurse, and prospective employment... Help Please!


If a nurse has a disability, such as Narcolepy or Idiopathic Hypersomnia, which are well controlled with medications, can they still be considered for employment with a facility? I know it is an ADA covered condition, but what are the potentials for descrimination simply for being labeled as a narcoleptic, or hypersomniac? thanks...

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Moving your post to nurses with disabilities to elicit further responsne.

Granted one must self identify and request accommodations to be afforded protection under the ADA. However if one is functional with treatment, is there really a need to self-identify and risk discrimination? A nurse with stable narcolepsy or hypersomnia that can function 'normally' during a typical work shift being hired for then is it really an issue that needs to be pointed out to the potential employer?