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Greetings all and hope you (men) had a great fathers day...

I am very interested in working on the surgical side of nursing so...

My question is:

I have about 3-4 quarters of pre reqs then will take a while to 'get into' a nursing program so I thought...

Going into Surge Tech... The first Q has 3 of my pre-req's in it...

Should I go the ST route while waiting to get into NS or just take my pre-req's and try ST after RN?

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Well, I think the question is what are you wanting to be doing? Do you want to be a surgical tech? I have heard little bits here and there that RNs might be weaned out of the OR proper soon, in favor of techs with a little more education. To what extent, I don't know. RN's still will be used (pre/post). So many PA's around now in the OR too.

What is the future for RN's in the OR? I have met a few first assistants but wondering... maybe others can share some info?

I have to say I had the opportunity to observe several different procedures, and although the circ.s were attempting to teach/explain their job duties to me once in the OR. I really did not pay too much attention, I found it annoying LOL. Not that she wasn't helpful or that I wasn't respectful, I just wanted to get in there with the actual surgery, frustrating! Don't think I could be in the OR without having my hands in there! Once the surgeons let me be tableside (with my hands tied behind my back) I was a happy camper. LOL.


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One of my friends actually did that. She works in OR as tech and going for RN . It gives you a little bit money and experience. If nothing else you will know if you want to be an OR nurse when you finish nursing . Good luck.


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Just found out that is is a 2 year wait for ST school...

I saw a online school that offered it off of the AST website... Is this a good way to go?


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Depend how good you are doing it "alone" :). Online classes can be hard as hell ( do not listen those who are saying differently) and plus you have to do it alone. It looks like it is better:-( at home, next to a fire place, with kids blablabla but it is not easy to organize all that. If you can endure it then do it online. If you can not then I do not know if your nursing school is BSN or ADN . If it is BSN then take all classes you will need outside of nursing curicullum like history, art, statistic, .. If not then think about doing this so that as soon as you finish ADN you will have 75 % BSN . I did like this and I am not sorry at all. Yes, I am almost done with MSN online so I think I am legitimate when I say it is hard, man! :))

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