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I'm a current accelerated nursing student and haven't picked my NP specialty yet. I have an interest in working in rural and remote areas that are typically underserved. I originally considered Womens/Reproductive Health or Psych, but am now wondering if Family or Adult/Gero Acute care makes more sense because of the need for general knowledge. I know all of them are important for those communities so I'm struggling to figure out what the best choice is to begin. I'm interested in emergency care but wonder if I would still experience that anyways being in a remote area, or if being a Family primary care NP would limit me to serving patients with primary care concerns. I have time to figure it out but I just want to hear from other people who've gone this route or worked overseas (outside the U.S.), in rural or very remote locations, in national parks/forests and reservations, in flight and rescue services, etc. 

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What type of organization are you thinking of working for? A hospital, clinic, NGO, hanging up your shingle? 

I have heard that depending on the employer that you will have to work in various departments as needed. Although I would suggest a wilderness medicine course it might help with finding direction. 

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