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Direct Entry MSN: Advice

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Hello Everyone!

I am soon applying to schools in Boston and would like some advice. I want to become a FNP, but I am nervous that I will not get into a program. I keep switching between applying to an ABSN first, work as an RN, and later get my MSN... but on the other hand i would love to get into a direct entry MSN program since its a more direct path to what I want to do in the long run. I am a biology major, have a 3.97 major GPA and a 3.76 overall gpa. I am very involved around campus, including being part of a dance team, I am an anatomy and physiology/biology tutor, and recently got a great job at the marine biological lab. My prerequisite GPA is around a 3.85. I have no patient hours which makes me nervous!

Overall, do you think its worth it to get my BSN first, then get my MSN later? And is getting into a direct entry MSN program harder to get into than an ABSN program? Lots of questions! Would love to hear some thoughts and advice!

Thank you!

MiladyMalarkey, ASN, BSN

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I'd do your BSN first personally.

I had the same option as you, entering into a concurrent ADN/MSN program (since I had a prior BS) or concurrent ADN/BSN program. After talking to several nurses I was told you likely will not be paid more as an MSN while getting your floor nurse experience and the cost of the MSN program was significantly higher. So I went for the ADN/BSN program. Usually with direct entries like that, you don't have the opportunity to earn your BSN in process, maybe your program is different, mine wasn't, so if I failed out or dropped, I'd have no BSN to show for it, just the ADN and a few masters classes that don't credit towards a BSN anyway.

Anyhow, my two cents.