Digital Recorders for class! Help me pick one.

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I like that idea!!!:rolleyes:

I just used a microcassette player, and listened to it while typing up my hand written lecture notes to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Then, I took my notes read them while recording from the computer, and burned it on CD. I listened to the CD everytime I got in my truck. I definately think this is a GREAT idea!

(It also came in handy on the way to take tests and I needed to remember what to put for my essay questions that I answered the night I would read the question, then read the answer for each question, burn them on CD, and push repeat all the way to the school. Then read the actual typed questions and answers all the way from my truck to the testing center...pulled off an A (101%) in A&P1 and an A in Developmental Psychology.)

I like that idea

It's now a MUST DO for all my classes!!! for your question....I dont have a clue about digital recorders, sorry. :chuckle


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If only kkx81 would respond as to what they are using to get it to type I would then believe he/she isn't bluffing. If there was any easy way to do this, I would have figured it out!

The speech to text ware available to most of us does not do medical terminology well, nor does it understand strange voices such as those on a recorder.'ll get things typed alright, but not with any accuracy!


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I bought my daughter an iRiver 512MB MP3 player that has voice record capabilities for lecture. :cool: She loves it. It's teeny-tiny and would fit in a pocket easily.

Good luck!

This is what I did for nsg school (except back in my day I had the 256MB iRiver mp3 player!). It worked out great. The recording settings/quality are adjustable. If you can place it up front w/your instructor (like I did), you're able to record hours (mine did great w/7 hrs of recording time before I had to download...@512MB you'll get even more!). My friends loved me b/c I could burn everyone a copy of the tough lectures....

To the OP: I don't recommend hiding a recording device if its forbidden...either your instructor will find out and you'll get booted or someone else will find out (here's where jealousy prevails) and they'll get you booted out.

Oh yeah, as and added bonus (as opposed to just a plain digital recorder) this little bad boy has an FM tuner and you can always download your music to it...great for excercising (even comes with an armband & earbuds)

Good Luck!

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