how difficult it is to get into your first choice job?

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I am currently a bsn student and i was wondering how difficult it is to get into your first choice job? right after graduation, how many hospitals did you apply to, and did all of them call you back. i know that there is a huge shortage for nurses, but i was wondering if you are pretty much hired if you apply. right after graduation, i personally would like to work at john hopkins or georgetown university hospital. Does anyone know how difficult it would be to land an icu position at one of the two hospitals? thanks!


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I think it's difficult until after you've gotten a year of acute care experience under your belt, but alot of times it's not what you know but who you know. You should try getting a job as a tech or do some clinicals in an area you're interested in and build up a good work record, you never know..........


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It is difficult to predict what the supply of and demand for nurses is going to be like years in the future. You just have to roll the dice and take your chances, and possibly take a job that is not your first choice until your 1st choice job opens up.

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